26 Aprel 2017, "legal science" in the section "Young researchers-2017", international scientific-practical conference.

      "Legal science" Chairman of the section, the section M to open.M. Sarsenova, who congratulated participants with the opening ceremony and conference as well as plan, approved by the regulations.

      In accordance with the head. the Department s. the opening ceremony.N. to. U. K Sartbaeva.

   On April 21, 2017, the Chair "Jurisprudence" held a seminar with the participation of the chairman of the court of the collegium of the SKO.

The opening of the seminar was made by the MSTU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Ph.D.M.E. Sabyrov at the seminar with the report was made by the chairman of the civil collegium Т.Б. Bekmimbetov SKO on the topic of the features of the appellate court and the court of production.