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Language centre

Information about Intern.Hum.Tech.Univ.(IHTU) language center activity

    (the center of supporting teachers and students in proficiency of the

                                            foreign languages)

General information


The university center was organized as a center of supporting teachers and students in the foreign languages` proficiency and improvement of the language skills. It was opened on the Rectors` initiative,on the basis of the University academic council decision (18.11.2015)in the course of realization of trilingual policy. This subdivision was created on the voluntary basis and according to its future development it will be included of IHTU structure.

The main objective of language center`s activity conforms to the University`s mission and it lies in the fact of realization of learning programs (English and Russian)for teachers and students of the university. It serves as a lingual supporting  in the improvement of language skills on general and professional levels.


The language center carries out its activity on the next directions:  

  • the courses of learning the English and Russian languages;
  • the consultations for teachers,conducting the English and Russian classes;
  • translations (English and Russian languages)

Information about a reception and   training on the courses

Students and  teachers pass the  entrance test (English and Russian languages) and according  to its results are enlisted in the  corresponding level groups.The classes are conducted 2 times a week (1hour ).Duration of courses – 1 year.The participants of courses (teachers) are received a certificate of IHTU.The availability certificate is language support for the listeners delivering who teach subject in the English and Russian languages.All the classes are conducted free of charge.

Personnel of language center :
Head of the language center:Тaukebayeva R.B.- associated professor.
Teachers of  language center:Zakirova.G.F – Rus.lang., Orynbek А. - Engl.lang.,  Taukebayeva E.S -Ph.D - Engl.lang.
The center teachers have a great  experience in the working out the  programs, dictionaries in teaching foreign languages to the   students and teachers of the university. Also the center teachers  can deliver  consultations  in the methods of  teaching foreign languages and can solve the  problems of  scientific  literature`s  translation.

Apply to the additional information :

Room 117                Telephone: 8-701-481-22-06           Е-mail:dekan52@mail.