Information about the work of scientific student circles

Name mugs





Popular Music


Zhaksybekov S.

5V010600-Musical Education




Abirova A.

5V010600-Musical Education




Ospanov A.




Dala cheeses

Abdullaeva G.

5V010600-Musical Education




Yulchibaev K.

5V010800- Physical culture and sport

Physical culture and sport



Hadzhinazarov S.

5V010800- Physical culture and sport

Physical culture and sport


The young poet

Baymysh L.

5V011700-Kazakh language and literature

Kazakh and foreign language


English club

Bolatova A.

5V011900-Foreign language: two foreign languages

Kazakh and foreign language


The young historian

Nysanbekova A.


5V011400- History

History and geography


Young geographer



5V011600- Geography

History and geography


New generation

Askarқyzy D.


5V010300- Pedagogy and psychology

Pedagogy and psychology


Young teacher and psychologist

Nurmahambetova A.


5V010200- Pedagogy and methodology of primary education

Pedagogy and psychology


Young financier

Kaukeshova R.


5V050900- Finance

Finance and Accounting


Young accountant

Abilgaziev Sh


5V050800- Accounting and Auditing

Finance and Accounting



Karsakova G.


5V050600- Economy




Sarsenova M.


5V030100- Jurisprudence



Young expert

Satybaldy K


5V073200- Standardization, Metrology and Certification

Computers and standardization


Young biologist

Parmanova J.


5V011300- Biology

Chemistry, biology and ecology


Young chemist

Umirzakova A.


5V011200- Chemistry

Chemistry, biology and ecology


Young environmentalist

Shinaliev A

5V060800- Ecology

Chemistry, biology and ecology


Young mathematician

Karabaev A.

5V010900- Mathematics

Mathematics and Computer Science



Karabaev A.

5V060200- Computer science

Mathematics and Computer Science


Work student groups

In the 2016-2017 academic year, it created a circle of dombra "Dala cheese" in order to create the foundations of art with the help of actions, skills, organization of labor functions, honing creativity among students based on the knowledge, competencies, skills. Circle Head is senior teacher Gulmira Abdullayeva Saylaubekovna

IMG-20161101-WA0002 IMG-20161101-WA0003

working circle "Popular Music" at the department of Art. Head Mug Bauman Professor, Honored Worker of Culture of Kazakhstan S. Zhaksybekov

In order to attract students of specialties Design, Professional training for creative work in order to enhance cognitive abilities and interests, ootsenki and demonstrate success, the formation activity of preparation for independence, development of business quality circle "Catwalk" was established, the head Ospanov AD The results of the first studies carried out in accordance with their own programs in the sewing workshop, students demonstrate on the catwalk at the events held at the university.








For students of the department "Physical education and sport" organized "Basketball" mugs "Volleyball". According to the plan 2016-2017 school year, students effectively use every day, aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Volleyball Head Circle K. Yulchibaev

The department "Economy" part of student circle "Economist" confirmed again. In the circle of participating students 1-4 courses Karsakova Head GP Measures are taken in accordance with the plan of work of the circle. In order to improve the spiritual wealth of students round table was held on 18 October this year on the theme of the EXPO-2017 "Present and future of Kazakhstan" with the participation of members of the group "The Economist". discussion on "Development of business in the territory of South Kazakhstan region and ways of its implementation" was held with the participation of members of the group October 25, 2016.


Measures are taken in accordance with the approved plan of research work mug "Themis". Head Mug "Themis" MM Sarsenova explained the chairman and members of the circle on goals and plans for implementation of the goals. Members of the group have been approved according to the plan: Zbanova Sandugash, Musayev Bayzhan, Halyk Adilkhan, Beksalyқov Shymbolat, Mailybaev Sultanmurat Erman Senimzhan, Seisebayev Marjane, Pernebek, Asel, Abduali Abdimalik, Usipali Abylaikhan, Dauletova Asel, Bekaydarova, Gulzhomal, Zhasuzakov Nurgul, Moldashev Arailym , Bekasylova Balnur. Members of the group expressed their opinion on the active participation in the work.


Members of the group "young expert" carry out research work in the field of certification, standardization and metrology, production and services. On the circle are solved many of the issues on the research work on the basis of books, articles, legal and technical information an analysis of research activities. The knowledge and skills acquired during participation in a circle, fixed presentations at scientific conferences, research projects and seminars. Circle Head is Satybaldy K.


The main objective of the circle "Jas bard" - involvement of students in research and scientific-organizational activities, effective use of leisure time of students, increase students' interest in scientific research, the creation of conditions for increasing the creative ability of students and their implementation.

On the basis of the club provided the connection of educational and scientific processes and students adapt to the academic and research activities. Head Mug Dauletalieva D.


Members of the circle «English club» are the students of 1-4 courses.


Circle "Young teacher-psiolog" specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" is functioning from 2011 academic year. Circle Head is a master-teacher of "Pedagogy and Psychology" Nurmahambetova AA

Circle members are the students of PS-214, 224 and PP-213. Circle operates in order poysheniya skills and skill of students specializing Pedagogika- psychology. Members of the group have a pedagogical advice and assistance, as well as carry out research activities and participate in conferences.


Circle "New Generation" is made up of students of the specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education". Mug Master Chief-instructor Askarkyzy D. students as part of the circle have the capacity for independent research and yavdyayutsya young scientists with skills to work with domestic and foreign literature, various scientific publications. Results mug students work report at the conference and discussed at seminars and round tables, as well as their aspirations and the results are marked with diplomas.




Circle "Young historian" specialty 5V011400- "History" at the Department of History and Geography is working under the direction of A. Nysanbekovoy, Sabirova A. The structure of the circle consists of 8 students: Aitenov R., J. Alipbekova, Sarsenbay A. Aitzhan B. Nurlybaev J., Jumabek s. Қurmanali M., M. The aim Sultanbek mug involvement of students in research and scientific-organizational work, as well as the rational conduct of free time students.





Circle "Young geographer" specialty 5V011600- "Geography" is held under the leadership of MS Turdanovoy and Karabaeva GO The composition of the members of the group consists of 6 students: M. Ergashbaeva Omarbekova Қarsybay A. Sh Sugurova D., A. Қulbek Zhetpisov D.


Students in the circle "Young biologist"