According to the State Educational Establishment of the Republic of Kazakhstan 5.03.011-2006 scientific research works of students are carried out. Along with this, there are 19 scientific circles at the University: "Zhas Sarapshy", specialty 5В070400- Computing machinery and software, "Zhas mathematician", specialty 5В010900- "Mathematics", "Infobook", specialty 5В060200-Informatics, "Zhas Khimik" on the specialty 5B011200-Chemistry, "Zhas Biolog" on the specialty 5B011300-Biology, "Zhas ecologist" on the specialty 5B060800-Ecology, "Zhas geographer" in the specialty 5B011600-Geography, "Zhas Tarihshy" on specialty 5B011400-History, "Basketball" "Volleyball" on specialty 5В010800-Physical culture and сп "Zhas ayn", specialty 5B0111700-Kazakh language and literature, "English club", specialty 5B011900-Foreign language: two foreign languages, "Zhas Talap", "Zhas Teacher-Psychologist", specialty 5B010300-Pedagogy and Psychology, " Piano "," Estradalyқ әn "and" Dala cheeses ", specialty 5В010600-Musical education," Defile "on specialty 5В042100-Design," Themis "on specialty 5В030100- Yurusprudence.

Students of the International Humanitarian and Technical University participate in research and competitions of international and republican level.

Students of the 2-year course on specialty 5B011200- "Chemistry" K.Lmakhan and A.Nurtaza participate in the grant financing project "Development of technology for processing low-quality fatty raw materials for the purpose of obtaining composite, antioxidant, imidazoline surfactants for the oil and gas and construction industries in Kazakhstan ". They conduct scientific research and participate in scientific conferences held at the Moscow State Technical University.

A student of the 2-year course in specialty 5В050600- "Economics" A.Yusupova participates in the research (funded) work on the topic "Assessment of the economic efficiency of plant protection by South Kazakhstan biological methods" under the contract with LLP "ECO-PHARM".

Ozban S., Akylbek A. participate in the research (funded) work on "Reducing the costs of providing services and improving the profitability of production" under an economic contract with LLP "Velmast".

Student Kamal S. specialty 5В060800 - "Ecology" participates in the research (funded) work on the topic "Study of the environmental state of the environment of the Otrar district, South Kazakhstan region", "Determination of the environmental impact of emissions of harmful substances in the fuel base at the station. Temir, Otrar District, South Kazakhstan Region. " The work is carried out on the basis of a contract with the organization LLP NPP Ekohim.

Research (funded) work is carried out under the contract with the organization of LLP "Marai E7 Group" on the topic "Evaluation and development of strategic planning of SKO". On the given scientific work the student of 1 course participates Әмірқұлов Б.А. specialty 5В050600- "Economics".

The results of the research work are published in the proceedings of the conference held at the university and universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students took part in the annual scientific and practical conferences "Zhas zertteushiler -2017", "Kazakhstan peacemaker-XXI centuries", held at the university. April 14, 2017. Students (Moldash B., Ermekbay H., Zh.parkbai G., Aldash Ә., Pinzhabay O.) specialties "Economics", "History" and "Finance and Accounting" took part in the 12th International Scientific Conference "Science and Education - 2017 ", held at the Eurasian National University named after LN Gumilev, and they were awarded with diplomas, 3 places were awarded



The University hosted a scientific-practical conference "Kazakhstan - the peacemaker of the XXI century" dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the conference the following sections:

1 Section "Pedagogy and Psychology"

2. Section "Computer science, physics and mathematics"

 3. "Philology" section

4.  The section "Art and Sport"



5.  Section "Chemistry and Biology, Ecology"

6. "Economy" section


7. Section «Jurisprudence»


8. Section "Standardization and Certification"


The conference was attended by graduate students and students of secondary schools



Students of the International Humanitarian and Technical University took part in the XII International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Science and Education - 2017" held on April 14, 2017 at the Eurasian National University named after LN Gumilev. Moldash B. The student of group ТХ-215 was awarded the diploma of the 3rd degree, and Ermekbay Kh. ЕТ-226 group, Zhuparbai G. Student of group ЭК-115, Aldash AS The student of ЕТ-215 group was awarded with letters of appreciation and certificates. Students came back from Astana with a victory.



Students Moldash B., Zbanova S., Pinzhabai O., Tөlen Ұ. participated in the national contest ZIAT and were awarded 3 seats.