Scientific research work

 Scientific activity of the university is conducted in accordance with the mission, purpose, objectives and directions of the Strategic Plan for 2016-2020.

The departments of the university conduct scientific work in 31 areas. The results of the research work are published in collections of scientific works and introduced into the educational process.

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Қorғanbaev BN under the grant grant project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducts research work on the topic: "Development of a technology for processing low-quality fatty raw materials for the purpose of obtaining the com- posite, antioxidant, imidazoline surfactants for the oil and gas and construction industries in Kazakhstan".

Students take part in scientific funded work in accordance with contracts between the university and institutions.

           Applied and initiative fundamental scientific works are carried out at the university, which are approved by the National Center of Scientific and Technical Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific articles of the faculty are published in journals with a nonzero impact factor, RINC, VAK MES RK, far and near abroad, international and republican conferences. Every year an international scientific and practical conference is held at the university.

         Scientists from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Poland attended, acquainted with the results of their scientific work, exchanged views at the international scientific conference "The interrelationship of science, education and practice." Also, young scientists and undergraduates from the leading higher educational institutions of Atyrau State University took part. Kh. Dosmukhamedov, YUKGU after them. M.Auezov, YUKGPU, YUKGPU, MGTU them. KA Yassavi, CIIP, YUKGI them. M.Saparbayev, "Miras" University.

Speech Alzhanova Zhazira Talhanyzyzy with the report "Use of systemic and comprehensive measures to counter corruption." Chief specialist of the department of the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption in the South Kazakhstan region

Peech of the senior teacher of the department "Finance and Accounting" MGTU Bashpanov O.R. with a report on the topic: "New directions in the development of agriculture"

Speech by Associate Professor of the Department "Biology, Chemistry and Ecology" MSTU Ph.D. Muminova K.Sh. with a report on the theme: "Prevention and the general concept of helminthiosis"

 «Hocalarin Hocasi Ahmet Yesevî» Dr. Ahmet KIYMAZ (Турция)

«Muhtar Awezov’un Abay yolu romaninin türkiye türkçesine çevirisinde etno kültürel unsurlar»  Dr. Ahmet Güngör (Турция)

Speech by Associate Professor of the Department of "Art" MGTU Yusupova A.N. with a report on the topic: "The use of a modulator in practical classes"

"Industrial tests and introduction of a device with a tubular nozzle in the production of chromium oxide" Levdansky A.E.

D.Sc., Professor of the Belarusian State Technological University, Republic of Belarus

Speech by Professor Khalila A. Department "Biology, Chemistry and Ecology" MGTU with a report on the theme: "Improvement of methods for determining pregnancy in cattle"


Speech of the senior lecturer of the chair "Computer technology, standardization and certification" MGTU Ph.D. Satybaldy K. With the report on the topic: "Analysis of the quality management system in the field of education"