The aims and objectives of the University

Research and International Relations


Yerkebayeva Saparkul - PhD,

Vice-rector for scientific work and international relations


  Phone: +7 (7252) 37-12-87

  fax: 8 (7252) 37-12-86 (ext phone: 119)




The aim of the department of scientific work and international relations is an activity on the scientific work and the strengthening of international relations, the development of research and educational process at the university, the implementation of basic and applied scientific research and modern innovative technology.


The activities of research department focused on the following objectives:

- Exchange of experience with universities and research centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, as well as the strengthening and development of actions aimed at the implementation of the scientific and innovation programs;


- The organization of fundamental and applied scientific research in the main areas of university activity;

- Organization and maintenance of the university each year according to the plan of scientific conferences and other events (round tables, seminars, etc. b..);

- Preparation for the publication of articles,  reports and conference proceedings;

- Application and use of information resources of Elsevier and Thomson Reuters;

- The introduction of the results of scientific work in the educational process and the involvement of students, undergraduates and high school teachers to participate in university, regional and national scientific papers;

Providing information and advice to help the scientific project managers in preparation of documents, reports, contracts and orders;

- Implementation and development of international relations in the sphere of education and science;

- Review and improve the implementation of a comprehensive program of University of International Relations.