Academic Council

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

International Humanitarian and Technical University

Research council


General provisions

1. Composition, Structure of the Research Council, and the procedure for the election and activities

2. The duties, tasks and rights of the Research Council Secretary


1. General provisions


This Regulation has been developed on the basis of the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, higher and postgraduate education researchers and teachers, organizations, qualifying characteristics of typical positions, universities and developed model regulations on the activities of the Research Council in accordance with the requirements of the Charter of the University.

1.1 According to the rules of activities of the Research Council, developed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" dated July 27, 2007 article 44, part 9 of activity of the Research Council , will be called: The Research Council (hereinafter - the Research/Academic Council) "International Humanitarian and Technical University (hereinafter - IHTU)) "

1.2. Academic Council IHTU is a form of collective management institution of higher education.

1.3. Academic Council in its work builds on Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, of the present Regulation, as well as decrees of the higher education institution (hereinafter - the University), on the basis of the statute and the present situation.

The activities of the Academic Council is based on the openness of the collective discussion of the issues within its competence.


2. The composition, structure and Academic Council

the procedure for the election and activities.


2.1 The Research Council established by order of the President of IHTU.

2.2 The composition of the Academic Council includes the heads of IHTU, deputy heads, heads of departments, faculty, composed of representatives of the university students' social organizations.

2.3 Composition of the Academic Council is elected for a term of 3 years and is made up of an odd number of members. As necessary, the general meeting, its structure individual changes can be made.

2.4 The President of IHTU is the Chairman of the Academic Council of IHTU.

The Chairman shall appoint the deputy chairman.

In the case of absence of the chairman, his duties shall be on the deputy.


Chairman organizes the work of the Academic Council in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with these Regulations and ensure its operation.

2.5 Other members of the Academic Council shall be elected by secret ballot at a general meeting of IHTU team.

2.6 The secretary shall be elected by the academic council and he will be engaged in the conduct of proceedings of the Academic Council

2.7 The Research Council organizes its work based on the work plan approved for the academic year

2.8 Meetings of the Academic Council are held once a month in accordance with the approved plan of work for the relevant academic year.

2.9 Meeting of the Academic Council recognized legally binding if it is attended by not less than two thirds of the members of the Academic Council. On the impossibility to attend the meeting by sufficient reason a member of the Academic Council shall inform the Chairman in advance.

2.10 The decision of the Academic Council shall be deemed adopted if voted for by a majority of members of the Academic Council

2.11 The objectives of the activities of the Council:

a) Successful implementation of professional educational programs of the faculty of the university, creating the necessary conditions for students;

b) Regulation of the financial sector of the university, strengthening the material-technical base of University facilitate its further successful development.

2.12 The competence of the academic council include:

a) approval of the structure of higher education institutions;

b) introduction of amendments and additions to the Charter of the higher education institution;

c) the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of higher educational establishments and research units (laboratories, departments, faculties (institutes), and others);

d) to define the concept of higher education institution;

e) To participate in the resolution of the main tasks of the higher educational institutions of educational, research and economic activities of the university;

 f) hearing annual reports of the rector, vice-rectors, heads of educational and structural units of the directions, forms and methods of scientific research, educational, financial, economic, informational, international and other activities;

g) issuance and submission to the educational development, teaching aids and textbooks ;

h) decision to transfer students for a fee grants for education and training in the form of external studies;

i) approval of the theme for the doctoral dissertation research and scientific consulting leaders of undergraduates;


k) control over financial and economic activities of higher educational establishment of the organization;

l) the procedure for the use of extra-budgetary funds, as well as obtained a university through the dissemination of paid educational directions and income from products manufactured in the Reinvestment purposes;

m) Approval and award of scientific and honorary titles and awards scholarships;

n) Consider providing creative, honorary titles and awards of government staff and employees of the university;

a) decision-consideration of other issues of the current activities of the university, requiring collective approach;

p) decision of the academic council form of protocols signed by the chairman and secretary of the Academic Council.


3.The Obligations of the Secretary of the Academic Council, the rights and responsibilities

3.1 General

3.2 The secretary of the academic council organizes the work of the Academic Council, supervises the execution of its decisions and documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative legal acts of the University, and is personally responsible for compliance to the chairman of the academic council. In preparation of the Academic Council meeting to conduct technical work necessary to have the executive service.

3.3 The post of Secretary of the Academic Council accepted persons with higher education degree and teaching experience of at least 3 years

3.4 Candidate to the post of Secretary of the Academic Council is approved by the Rector's order.

3.5 The secretary of the Scientific Council must know the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", "On Science", "Anti-corruption", "On languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan" and other laws governing the activity and development of the education system needs to know the rules and regulations and regulatory regulations, labor laws, occupational health and safety and fire protection

3.6 In its performance and scientific activities of the Secretary of the Academic Council shall be guided by knowledge of the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the standard rules of educational organizations that implement educational programs of higher professional education in the field of quality of education and state standards, normative and methodological documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, University Academic Council decisions, university leadership, organizational and administrative documents, of the University Charter.


4. Duties of the Secretary of the Academic Council

4.1 organizes the development and submit proposals to the Academic Council work plan and work plan for the academic council of the institute;

4.2 prepares documents for consideration at the meetings of the Academic Council of the University, is working on the preparation of materials, oversees the preparation of the issues to be discussed;

4.3 develops a draft agenda of the meeting of the Academic Council;

4.4 The Scientific Council coordinates the work of the commission;

4.5 The presence of members of the Academic Council, and ensures the participation of invited persons at the meeting;

4.6 when a secret ballot gives an indication of the members of the counting commission;

4.7 keeps the minutes of meetings of the Academic Council, the Academic Council decisions and increases the copy;

4.8 The control over the execution of decisions of the Academic Council;

4.9 registration of personal files on the award of the academic status, monitoring their university - ready for consideration at the Scientific Council and shall submit to the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the RK Ministry of Education and Science;

4.10 notify the members of the Board on the agenda of the meeting, standing in a queue;

4.11 compliance with the rules of occupational health and safety, fire safety regulations;


5. Rights of the Secretary of the Academic Council


Secretary of the Academic Council has the right to:

5.1 acquainted with the rector of the university decision related to its activities;

5.2 submit proposals for improving the work of the head of the University;

5.3 to demand documents Academic Council leaders, the chief of the department;

5.4, to give instructions to professionals to improve the work of the Academic Council and other organizations to address issues;


6. The responsibility of the Secretary of the Academic Council


6.1 timely implementation of this Regulation;

6.2 in accordance with the position to ensure quality of work according to the instructions

6.3 to comply with the Charter of financial and staff discipline and other internal normative acts of the University;

6.4 The responsibility for compliance with the rules of labor protection, safety as well as for maintaining the confidentiality of commercial and official secrecy.