Board of Trustees

1. The Board of Trustees of the International Humanitarian and Technical University is one of the forms of collective management organization of education. The Board of Trustees interacts with the administration of educational institutions, state and local agencies, interested agencies and other organizations.



2. Aims and objectives of the Board of Trustees


 The purpose of the Advisory Board is to assist in solving urgent problems of development of Bauman and forming it as a center for training of highly qualified personnel in areas of training professionals able to solve problems of fundamental and applied research to-date, expert and advisory activities, introduction of new information and educational technologies, software competitiveness in the domestic and international markets of educational, scientific and application services.

  Board of Trustees:

     The promotion of lifelong education, spiritual and moral education of students, formation of their business and professional qualities.
    It supports the development of research and innovation, creation and development of scientific schools of the university.
     It contributes to the development of fundamental and applied scientific and technical developments, the integration of educational and scientific processes at the university.
     It attracts local and foreign experts and companies for joint training.
      It promotes the establishment and development of international, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation between MSTU.
    Provides assistance in financing and implementing promising programs that enhance the quality of training.
    Assists in the construction of educational, scientific and social purpose of the University, the purchase of equipment, materials, tools of computer and, noebhodimyh for the educational process and scientific research.
    Assists in the financing of study abroad students, magistrates,  and teachers, as well as the reception of foreign scientists, specialists, masters, PhDdoktorantov students.
    It provides assistance for the integration of scientific and technical potential in the sphere of MSTU spetsiyalistov training areas that require addressing skills development, expert -consulting activities, participation in the performance of the application, search, design and survey and other robot.
    Assists in trudoustroistve graduates MSTU.
     Assists in the implementation of information, public and exhibition activities.
      Examines other issues within the competence of the Board of Trustees.
    Provide social protection and support to students, undergraduates, PhDdoktorantov, students and staff, including professors - teaching staff.


3. Composition of the Board of Trustees


 The Board of Trustees include University Head, representatives of government agencies, employers, social partners, sponsors, business, finance and academia, the media, civil society organizations, unions, associations, predpriyatiyi institutions, including foreign ones, regardless of ownership .


4. The powers of the Board of Trustees members:

    participate in the meetings;
    receive complete and accurate information about the activities of the University, necessary for the performance of its functions.
    Get acquainted with the university documents obtained copies of them;
    convene an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University Council;
    provide written comments on the decision of the Board of Trustees of the University Council;



Reviewed and approved by the Academic Council of the International Humanitarian and Technical University (№3 protocol, October 28, 2015)

The composition of the Board of Trustees


International Humanitarian and Technical University



Idrisov Dinmuhamed Appazovich

Chairman of the board

Chairman of the Board of Directors Corporation "Ordabasy", Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Korganbaev Baurzhan Nogaybaevich

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Rector of International Humanitarian-Technical University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor



Zhurinov Murat Zhurinovich


President of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Chemistry, professor, academician



Ibragimov Satybaldy Tlemisovich

Ex-Deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Member of the Economic Reform and Regional Development Committee, Doctor of Economics


Absadykov Bakhyt Narikbaevich


Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance of JSC Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electro-chemistries them. DV Sokol, Ph.D., Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan