Rector's blog

Dear students!

   By the admission of international humanitarian Technical University made the right choice. Our university is not only in the region of Shymkent, but also has a well deserved reputation throughout the country.

International Humanitarian and Technical University April 4 th, 1998 South University, July 8 th, 2003 South University, in August 2003 marked the 22 th International Humanitarian and Technical University, has been in continuous operation. The founder of the university scientists in Kazakhstan and foreign countries, particularly in academic M.J.Jurınov etc. .

University of international humanitarian and technical specialists international level in the world advanced technology, using innovative approaches to meet modern requirements, covering a wide range of educational process, which is set by the innovative development of education and science is one of the leading educational institutions.

In December 2014, the university in the state certifying the results of the commission's work on the basis of the evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 18 th, 2014 in the successful certification of the order №1455.

To train highly qualified specialists of the International Humanitarian and Technical University, Moscow State University (Russia Federation), (Belarus) M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University. A. Yassaui International Kazakh-Turkish University named D.Sokolskïy and the Institute of Catalysis and Electrochemistry (Almaty), are working together on a contract with the consortium. Confidence in the future step-qualified, educated generation begins with the raising of the institution of higher education committed to the principle that the best universities in the world by strengthening international cooperation for the implementation of the process of education and experience.