History of University

International Humanitarian and Technical University 08.04.1998 registered as a Limited Liability Partnership in the South Kazakhstan University (8046-1958 certificate LLP), since 22.08.2003 University of International Humanitarian and Technical University of changes in the limited liability partnership as a legal entity, the Department of Justice of South Kazakhstan region were registered. The founders of the institution of higher education "New Technology", Almaty., Moscow State University, Moscow. Organic catalysis and DVSokolskogo, Institute of Electrochemistry, Almaty. University in 2003. On August 7, shall be carried out in the Charter, approved by the founders. The state registration data of the statistical map №3862101.
    International Humanitarian and Technical University, a private institution on September 11, 2003, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science Control Committee in the field of vocational education activities in the field of higher education law, which state license №0137473 AA indefinite series.
   On the basis of the decision of the meeting of 05 January 2011, the founders of the International Humanitarian and Technical University Limited Liability Partnership Charter "International humanitarian and technical university education institution" charter of a private institution of the South state registration of the legal entity of the Department of Justice, the Ministry of Justice on March 30, 2011 in connection with the holding of the "International humanitarian technical University Educational institution "registered as a private institution.
   University of international humanitarian and technical specialists international level in the world advanced technology, using innovative approaches to meet modern requirements, covering a wide range of educational process, which is set by the innovative development of education and science is one of the leading educational institutions. In December 2008, the university, the results of the certification of the State Commission on the basis of the evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 18 th, 2008, the certification order №1455 effective.
   In order to train highly qualified specialists of International Humanitarian and Technical University, Moscow State University (Russia Federation) M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, the University of International Kazakh KAYassayu, Turkish and D.Sokolskïy Institute of Catalysis and Electrochemistry (Almaty ), are working together on a contract with the consortium. Confidence in the future step-qualified, educated generation begins with the raising of the institution of higher education committed to the principle that the best universities in the world by strengthening international cooperation for the implementation of the process of education and experience.
    4 departments and 11 departments of the university. The university is based on the credit system of the educational process. Teacher giving a lecture to students and researchers, including 11 doctors and professors, 109 candidates of science and associate professors, 146 masters and teachers. The university is equipped with a special computer classes all computers connected to the Internet. This is the world of education and science students, the Internet news is that the way to get important information source. At the same time, Russian and English languages ​​for the purpose of teaching students reach university language laboratory working in the office. Knowing the right times to each of the human rights is clearly the beginning of criminology at the University for this purpose classrooms, in order to experience the combination of knowledge of biology, chemistry, computer science, physics and psychology laboratories, sewing and woodworking shops.
    3 university buildings, student dormitories, medical center, 2 dining, sports, and is located in Hall 2.
    Wnïverstïtetimizdiñ graduates all over the country and parts of their fields has been fruitful. In particular, the regional and municipal administrations, national security and tax committees, the Department of Internal Affairs, the financial sector, companies and private companies, as well as secondary and higher education institutions are working hard. University "Economics" prepares for the Masters.