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Sydykova Zuhra Eshtaevna

Dean of the Faculty of Education  candidate of pedagogical

Shymkent 7252371287




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►Pedagogy and Psychology

►Kazakh and foreign languages

►History and geography




The graduates of the specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" is assigned an academic degree "Bachelor of Education majoring 5V010200- Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education". Graduates can work in secondary schools, teacher training colleges, institutes of advanced training and retraining of teachers and education departments.

The graduates of the specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" is assigned an academic degree "Bachelor of Education specialty 5V010300- Pedagogy and Psychology". Graduates can work in preschool institutions of all types of secondary schools, lyceums, schools, grammar schools, small schools, sanatoriums, sports schools and orphanages, special rehabilitative institutions, educational institutions of primary vocational education in the medium professional educational institutions .

Graduate specialty "History" receives academic bachelor's degree history. It has the ability to work as a teacher, junior research assistant, laboratory assistant at the following institutions: secondary school; college; Institute of Training and retraining of teachers; departments and the department of education, scientific research institutes.

Specialty 5V011600- "Geography" graduate receives the academic degree of Bachelor of geography. It has the ability to work in the following institutions: secondary school; college;  Institute of Training and retraining of teachers; departments and the Department of Education; research institutions.




 Graduates 5V011700- "Kazakh language and literature" is awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Kazakh language and literature. Graduates can work as a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature in secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, in the department of languages ​​development, research and development centers.




5V011900- graduate specialty "Foreign language: two foreign language" An opportunity is working as a teacher of English and German in high school, in a specialized school, technical and professional organizations, to work as a translator in state and private enterprises

                                            Research work

In the Address of the President RK N.A.Nazarbaeva "Kazakhstan Way-2050" a lot of attention paid to science and education. The research work of the faculty is conducted on the basis of this Epistle. The faculty conducts research work in "Features of the problems of specialists training of educational psychologists in the innovation environment." The results of research work in this field published in international scientific conferences and in journals WAC.

In order to further scientific work of the Faculty of contracts with the Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University / Russia /, the Academy of Education of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, the Kyrgyz-Turkish University named after Manas, Kyrgyz State University named M.Arabaeva, Institute of Advanced Studies "Orleu" , ICGS them. K.A.Yasaui, Kazakhstan Engineering and Pedagogical University of Friendship of Peoples, etc. Also signed a contract with the Institute of Turkology of the International Kazakh-Turkish University. K.A.Yassaui, philological faculty of South Kazakhstan Pedagogical Institute.

Faculty Achievements

Professors and Teaching Stаff  faculty and students every year take part in international scientific-theoretical conference. For example, participation in the I student scientific and practical conference "Students and intellectual potential of society", in the II Republican student scientific and practical conference "Implementation of the program" Kazakhstan-2050 "- in the hands of young people, in the III scientific-practical student conference" Nurly Zhol - way of the future. " Our students specialties actively participate in international, national and regional conferences, competitions "Shabyt 2013", "Shabyt 2014", "Miss Shymkent". Students of the 2-year degree 5V010200- Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education took in the contest "Shabyt 2013" Kasymova A.gran Prix, Beghimbetov Aizhan І- place. Faculty teachers with the students took part in the Republican pedagogical Olympiad ҮІ ICGS them. H.Yassaui. . On the II Republican scientific-practical seminar student report Th-211 Amit Nurtaza was estimated at dostoynstvu and awarded a diploma. Teachers and students of "Tarikh and geography" took part in the conference on "Mangilik el -  Mangilik til", organized by the department of "History of  Kazakhstan»  South Kazakhstan Pedagogical Institute; report of a student group of Th-213 Kurmanali Meruert was highly appreciated by the participants of the conference.

The faculty of the department of "Kazakh and foreign languages" annually increases their skills, taking part in seminars and courses. So, Ph.D. Ibraeva LB In October 2015 he took part in a seminar of the Eurasian National University. L. Gumilyov "Training on modular education" Ibraeva LB, Umarov ZD, Aidarova AA Dauletalieva DM, Zakirov GF S. spring 2015 took part in the seminar "rooms Modern trends in higher education development" (Russian Federation, Omsk). There are certificates. October 28, 2015 Chair of Kazakh and foreign languages ​​in conjunction with the science department of Moscow State Technical University organized a workshop on "Literature of  Turkish people  of the twentieth century and the Alash Orda" with the participation of Doctor of  Philosophy, Professor ICGS  them. H A. Yasavi, Director of the Institute of Turkish Studies  Kullback Ergobeka. In the master class he attended Doctor of Historical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Yakovlevich Butanaev (Khakassia).