Department of Physical Culture and Sports

Structure of the faculty

Address:   Bykovsky str. №54
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Dean of the Faculty, Candidate of Jurisprudence Zhanaliyeva Aigul Zhanalievna


In 1998 she graduated with honors from the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Kh.A. Yasavi in the field of jurisprudence.

In 2007, under the guidance of doctor of legal Sciences,Professor S. N. Sabikenova he defended his thesis on "the Tax relations: theory and practice" .

2017 - Dean of the faculty "Sport and art" International humanitarian-technical University.

The author of over 35 scientific articles.


General information. The faculty started its history from the date of registration of the International humanitarian-technical University as a limited liability partnership of the South Kazakhstan University from 08.04.1998. The faculty "Sport and art" is one of the leading faculties of the University trains specialists in the sports sector and the arts. Bachelors prepare in the following specialties:

5В010800 – Physical culture and sport

5В010600 – Musical education

5В120000 – Professional education

5В042100 – Design


About 800 students study at the faculty, more than 100 specialists finish their education every year. During this time, structural changes took place, stages of development and transformation took place. However, the staff of the faculty was able to overcome difficulties, grow and reach new heights of development, capable of meeting new and important requirements of the surrounding reality. Faculty creates conditions for the development of education, science and innovation, strengthened material and scientific and laboratory facilities.

At the meeting of the faculty

The faculty has 2 departments:

1. The Department "Physical culture and sport" 2. Department Of "Art"

The staff of the faculty "Sport and Art" is distinguished by high creative potential, responsibility, dedication to its profession and university. To improve the athletic achievements of students in the faculty, there are sports clubs. In particular: sections of volleyball, basketball, football and mini football, as well as workshops for design, singing circles. The faculty has 1 hall, 1 sports ground and a playground for mini-football. Organized pedagogical and theoretical practices aimed at improving the pedagogical skills of students.

The faculty focuses on the national-cultural, spiritual-ethical, aesthetic and patriotic education of students. Every year our students participate in various events held in our city and throughout the country. Students actively participate in the management of the university, solve various problems of our university. At the university there is a department for youth and education, which deals with the development of youth policy, participation in youth social protection of students "Zhas Otan" and other national and regional youth organizations.

Mission: Providing educational services for training of competitive specialists, who can meet the needs of society and business through the development of the relationship between knowledge, science and practice to improve the social status of the innovative potential of the southern region.