Department of Economics

The students (characteristics of specialty 2-3 main part 1-2 photography)
Educational qualified by Bachelor degree for specialty: 5B050600 ‘Economy’

Entrance students bu specialty: 5B050600 ‘Economy’ and given out ‘Bachelor of ‘Economic’ academically degree.

The professional function types:
The students for specialty: 5B050600 ‘Economy’, carry out the types of next following professional functions:
- Organization-technology functions;
- Prepared by qualified management dokuments an organization of tendentious technology in a company;
- Organization of work office for technology tendentious lines in productivity place;
- The continuous technology tendentious process to need resources ensuring;
- Prepared by effectiveness investment, innovational, ecology management and their useful;
- Organization and to develop an external economy enterprises functions.

Professional function of discipline:
Professional function disciplines are industry or enterprise specific situation and determined individual and professional development training economic economically tendentious.

Basic requirement function bachelors degree by specialty: 5B050600 ‘Economy’
Be familiar with: state language: competently know the state language, and be perfected, speaking in Russian and foreign language, possess a common higher education in economic development, commercial, financial and administrative management, situational analysis and management in the market system, economic management methods (including commercial solution to the problem of Financial policy, management organization method target-program) metod of mathematical analysis, formalization economic tendentious and models, economical project an economical rate, economical problem, creative direction in the study of economic problem, self-study skills and modern new research, stability research work saving from scientifically work service and professional levels developing, completed, productivity and analyses and skills a new computer technology.
Magister degree: 6M050600- “Economy”
1. General characteristics of specialty

Cathedra’s of «Economy and audit” International Humanitarian Technical University prepared by magisterial degree 6М050600 – «Economyт” with a license AB №0137473 from 03.02.2010y. warded by N168 from 03.02.2010y. To need by specialty provide on two level systems prepared on specialty in higher education and need by regional qualification cadres, an economical markets, to developing and concurrence of economics in Kazakhstan.
Organization of studying process provide by credit technology with State Education Standard Program Republic of Kazakhstan 7.09.020-2008 “Magister” specialty 6M050600- “Economy”, awareness and entered from 31 December in 2008year N677.
In Magisterial department from 2014 to 2015 studying year learned by 1st course -12; on 2nd course -17 magisterial. General total – 29 students.
Preparation of quality cadres on the magisterial degree to developing of scientifically and pedagogical direction for higher education system, after the higher education and scientifically- research sectors.
All disciplines given out specialty on state language. The parts of magisterial learned by state language of -100%.

2.Analysis on cadres potentials

In 2014-2015 studying year magister deputy learned and provide 6 stats trainers. That is 1- doctor economic science, 5 candidate economic science.
Parts of stats training for profile prepared from general totals consists of – 72%.
State doctorates and candidates sincerely for profile -6.
Parts of teacher-trainings with academically degree and sciencerly names from state quantity teachers profile on preparation consists of- 100%.
Quantity of the teachers, on basically for specialty and profile disciplines must be types of learning components, 6 states, that is way with 6- an academically degree and names, the consisting of 100%, on the norm- 45%.

3.Studying – methodical work

On the cathedras have been State Education Standard Program Republic of Kazakhstan 7.09.020-2008 “Economy” after the higher education system study “Magister”. Working study planning on the 2014-2015yy presented with the types of planning, with analyzed in State Education Standard Program specialty. Working Study Program (WSP) on the 2014-2015 studying year with State Education Standard Program Republic of Kazakhstan in 2011year. With the basically mains “Organization of study process for credit technology by learning”, awareness’ by direct Ministry Education Science republic of Kazakhstan with N 152 from 20.04.2011 year, working of study program planning at 2013 year making by working program, awarded rectors on the basically decision to the studying adviser (porotoco9l N1 from 30.08.2013y.). All the disciplines’ must be profile components on the disciplines by types studying programs making of the Kazakhs Economical University named by Turar Ryskulov.The basic on this programs for discipline made by studying – methodical complex.

4. Scientifically –research work of magisterial degree.

Contents of scientifically – research work magister define heir individuals planning and entered: scientific – research work by theme magisterial dissertation on the scientific – research practice.
All types of magisterial practice in the University to provide with graphics of studying academicals calendars.
The basically pedagogically practice to provide all universities in Shymkent cities: (Kazakh – Engineering- pedagogical Friendship University, Social – regional Innovational University, South-Kazakhstan Humanitarian University named by M.Saparbaev, “Miras” University, Shymkentskyi University, South-Kazakhstan State University named by M.Auezov), that is concluded contracts.
The making by provide programs of the pedagogical practice, entered aims, objectives, contents and organization to provide practice, to costs of the results and list of account documentations.

Educational work

There was held a concert program "The Eternal Language-eternal people" according to the plan of educational work of the Department of Economy and to the languages of the feast day of Kazakhstan. Students of the specialty "5B050600-Economics" actively participated in the concert program, particularly were hightlighted of 1 st year students, the group EC-116: Amirkulov Bakhytzhan and Zhumahanov Magzhan.

1,2,3-year of students specialty "5B050600-Economics" actively participated in the concert program "Dedication to students", where they were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.

In the marathon  "Healthy Nation - Independence support" wich was held by the Shymkent city akimat devoted to the promation of healthy lifestyle and to the 25 th anniversary of Independence of the Republic Kazakhstan, took part the students of 1st year group EC-116, curator group Karsakova G.P.

As well as round table discussions were organized at the department on the topic: Heavy experts - a bright future. the main task of the company's management is the selection of the most effective forms and pay systems for different categories and groups of workers in order to increase their interest in Heightening productivity, improving the quality of work, improve their professional level, which ultimately leads to the achievement of stategicheskih business objectives.

In order to promote the spiritual wealth of Youth and EXPO 2017 members Mug Economist roundtable on the topic was held: Kazakhstan now and in future.