Balabekova Dina Burkitbayevna

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Head of Chair

“Finance and accounting”

Shymkent, Baytursynov st., 80

The main building of IHTU, 1st floor, room 115

The chair of “Finance” has been working since the founding of the university. The chair graduates the following specialties: 5B050900- “Finance” and 5B050800- “Accounting and Auditing”. The specialty “Accounting and audit” was transferred to from 2014 academic year, and the chair was renamed to the “Finance and Accounting”.


The chair of “Finance and Accounting” trains bachelors in “Finance”, “Accounting and Auditing”. The purpose of the chair of “Finance and audit” is to train highly qualified, competitive specialists in the field of finance, accounting and auditing, meeting the requirements of a market economy. Since its foundation the chair is preparing qualified personnel for all sectors of the economy, banks, tax authorities in the field of finance, accounting and auditing. Classes are held by highly qualified teaching staff.

The chair has experienced teachers – candidate of economic sciences, associate professor D.B.Balabekova, candidate of economic sciences Sabyrova M.E., candidate of economic sciences Zhurynov G.M., candidate of economic sciences Orazova B.B., candidate of economic sciences Berdibekova G.S., candidate of economic sciences Usupov T.D., candidate of economic sciences Talasov M.J., senior lecturer Bashpanov O.R., master Batyrbaeva B.Z., master Ongarova G.T., master Kaukeshova R.A., master Abilgaziev Ch.E.
The pedagogic staff of the chair annually takes courses in advanced training on specialization of finance, accounting and auditing, exchanges experience with foreign scientists and applies achievements in the educational process. The chair in accordance with the specialization and objectives to improve the quality of specialists’ training conduct scientific research within the approved theme. In 2014 the students of the chair participated in the II student republican scientific-practical conference “The implementation of the “Kazakhstan – 2050″ in the hands of young people”, in 2015 they participated in the Third Student Scientific and Practical Conference “Nurly Zhol – the path to the future”, the section “Economics”.

“Finance”, “Accounting and Auditing” specialties have an important meaning for the economic system of the country, as the field of activity of a bachelor of finance, accounting and auditing is the organization and management of finance, accounting principles, accounting in sectors, management accounting, the System of National Accounts, audit, monetary and fiscal policies on the micro and macro levels. Bachelors of these specialties have to be able to analyze the financial situation of the companies, calculate reserves of profits’ increase and costs’ reduction, and at the same time to execute managerial, business, commercial activity at the enterprises of different ownership forms, as well as in financial institutions, insurance companies and banking institutions.
Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and Business, specialties: 5B050900 – “Finance”, 5B050800- “Accounting and Auditing”.
Disciplines of specialties.
Specialty “Finance”:
• Finance;
• Corporate Finance;
• Accounting;
Specialty “Accounting and Auditing”:
• Accounting;
• Management Accounting-1;
• Management Accounting-2;
• Audit;
Spheres of activity:
• enterprises in various sectors of the economy;
• Audit firms;
• Financial and insurance companies;
• Commercial banks;
• Budjet, educational and medical institutions;
• The subjects of small business;
• Commerce and intermediary companies.
Duration of study: 4 years
Full-time -4 years
Based on the SSE (college) -3years
Language: Russian, Kazakh, English

The chair works closely with leading national and regional research institutions, research centers, the Moscow State Institute of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, University “Uludag” (Turkey), the Ministry of Finance and the departments, JSC “Sberbank”, JSC “ENPF”, Corporation “Butsu”, JSC “Kazpost”, LLP “Shyn Kurylys Saulet”, JSC “Kazkommertsbank”, insurance companies and organizations. In order to organize the students’ work internship the chair has concluded contracts and the graduates of the chair have possibility to practice in the above-mentioned institutions.

Master of the chair Abilgaziev Ch.E. won the competition for the best innovative project in the direction of “Agriculture” and got a grant of 700 000 tenge. The competition was organized by the Akimat of the SKR in order to support young scientists.
2nd year student of the specialty “Finance” became the winners of the game “Exchange stimulant”, organized by the Information Agency “Irbis” with the support of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and won 100,000 tenge.
The Prize of Akim of Shymkent “Best” for active participation in the political life of the city of Shymkent and achievements in various sectors dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the category “Best Young Scientist” was awarded to Abilgaziev Ch.E.
On April 10, 2015 Abilgaziev Ch.E. was awarded a diploma of III degree at the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov in the X International scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists “Science and Education – 2015″, dedicated to the day of the scientist.


09.28.2015 years the lecturer of the chair Bashpanov O.R. gave an interview in the air on the theme of “Industrialization and economic growth” on the channel “Kazakhstan – Shymkent” in the TV program “Five reforms”.

According to the authorized plans of the chair “Finance and accounting” the student research circles “Financier”and “Accountant” work there on a constant basis.

The purpose of student research circles is the development of creative abilities of students, holding cultural events, organization of students’ free time. The students’ scientific circles are the place for their creative work.