Department "Physical culture and sports"


General information

Type of training: full-time, correspondence (shortened, accelerated). Terms of training: with full-time education 4 years, with correspondence form of training (shortened-3 years, accelerated-2 years)


Konakbaev Seidakhmet Nartaevich


Ph.D. assistant professor; master of boxing, wrestling and sambo, head of the department "Physical Culture and Sport"



       The department has more than 10-year history. Training in the specialty 050108 - "Physical Culture and Sport" began in 2005-2006 year., License Series AAN 0000239, N506, 17.05.2005. Ministry of Education and Science. Since 2005 In 2007, the chair "Physical Culture and Sport" was headed by the senior teacher KaldibayevMyrzabayAldabergenli. From 2007 to 2009 - senior teacher TgelbaevErbolBazarbaiuly, in 2009-2011.the name of the department was changed to "Physical education and sport", in 2005-2007 to "Sport" (2007-2008). Since the beginning of 2008 the department was renamed as "Physical Culture and Sport". Since 2011.to November 2013. the chair was headed by the senior teacher ZhabyrNurlybekKarzhalyuly, from November to February the head teacher TulebaevAbdislamRaiymbekuly led the school in February 2014, at the end of the academic year, Tursynbekov Murat Tursynbekli was in charge. Since 2015 to the present time he heads the chair of Konakbaev Seidakhmet Nartaevich


Meeting of the department



M.Tursynbekov, the teacher, when taking the CDS


senior lecturer Қ.Қalmurzayev in a practical lesson 


teacher, master, Sapakhov D. in lesson


On February 15, Nursultan Nazarbayev's Nation of the Nation of January 31, 2017 propagandized the "Third Renaissance of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness" among teachers and students on the basis of the Action Plan. During the meeting on "Prevention of the spread of religious extremism" the dean of the faculty, Ph.D. Abylkasym Aynur noted that some of the young people who traveled abroad received religious education from foreign sites and social networks. Associate Professor K. Kalmurzaev noted that the issue of the timely seizure of information sources for young people via the Internet, which disseminates negative information about religious content.


The president defined five key priorities for the third revival:

• accelerated technological modernization of the economy;

• promoting the development of traditional basic industries;

• modernization of the labor market; macroeconomic stability;

• improving the quality of human capital;

• Institutional changes, security and anti-corruption.  

Employees of the International Humanitarian-Technical University fully support the idea of ​​the third modernization of Kazakhstan!

The department trains a bachelor of physical culture and sports. The first graduates were graduated in 2006, and since this year more than 800 graduates have been graduated. Currently, the department trains bachelors in physical education and sport. Graduates of the specialty 050108 - Physical Education and and sports receive the academic degree "Bachelor of Physical Culture and Sports".



The department trains specialists in 5В010800 - Physical training and sports.

In accordance with the requirements for the qualification of specialists approved by the Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan on "Bachelors, Specialists and Other Employees" No. 223-P of  November 22, 2002

- teacher of physical culture and sports, coach of selected sports;

- teacher of physical culture;

- in tourist companies;

- specialist of sports arbitration;

- sports psychologist; - Sports journalist;

- fitness manager; - a specialist in public health;

- Sports dance coach;

- Basic safety of life (OBE), the first teacher of military training.

The graduates of the specialty "Physical culture and sport" have a bachelor's degree in physical culture and sports, have the opportunity to work in general schools and colleges, institutes for advanced training and teaching staff, in the training department, in research organizations. The graduate has a bachelor's degree in physical culture and sports. In addition, the graduate has the opportunity to continue his studies in the magistracy.