Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
International Humanitarian and Technical University
Natural-Technical Faculty
"Informatics and Mathematics"

The history of the department
International Humanitarian and Technical University, one of the leading "Science and Technology" faculty "Informatics and Mathematics" was founded in November 2003 by the Department. The first head of the department, Ph.D., Associate Professor AS Muratov basqardı.Kafedranı 2003-2007;
• In 2007-2009, the F-MD., Professor M.D.Şınıbaev;
• 2009-2010 cps P.A.Qojabekova;
• In 2010-2011, the physical and mathematical sciences., Associate professor N.E.Erjanov;
• The best teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2012-2014, PhD, associate professor headed G.K.Nurmaxanbetova.
Currently, the department of physics and mathematics Ph.D., associate professor, the best teacher of the university, Professor of Russia NAB Education and Science of Russia NAB honored Yunusov pomegranate is headed Awelbekuıl.
"Informatics and Mathematics" department carries out preparation of bachelors in the following specialties:
- 5B010900 - Mathematics
- 5B060200 - Informatics

Educational and methodical work
5B060200 - Computer Science and Mathematics 5B010900 specialties in the educational process is carried out in accordance with the following standard documents: legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan; JI (state educational standards); A description of the qualifications of the profession; Typical curricula; Standard training programs. All academic disciplines teaching complex is carried out in accordance with the qamtılğan.Josparğa seminars, the innovative nature of the issues. Preparation of teaching materials (textbooks, manuals, guidelines) approved by the department of the university teaching aids are planning for current and future plans. Methodological sections of teaching staff is aimed to increase the level of training and improving the quality of teaching. Which is the department that the new textbooks, knowledge control problems, the credit system, training opportunities, etc. Issues discussed at the meetings will help. As part of the faculty association "Innovative Training" section of the number of subjects of the meetings of its working methods will be discussed.
"Computer Science and Mathematics"
The teaching staff.
2015-2016 academic year, full-time faculty members in the field (PPP) A total of 20 people. Staffing specialists with academic degrees and titles of the staff is supplemented by 100%. Among the teaching staff: 4 candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, 4 candidates of pedagogical sciences, 4 Ph.D., a senior lecturer at the 4, 2 master teachers. The number of faculty with academic degrees and titles accounted for 95%.
"Informatics and Mathematics" The staff of the Department.