Department of Arts


Utesheva Aliya Zhelelovna 
Chief of Department «Өнер»

Room №309


General information

         Chair of "Өнер" at the beginning of 2007-2008 academic year was separated from the departments of "«Казахский язык и педагогика" and "Информатика и дизайн". In 2008-2009 academic year, in regards to optimization of the Universities, in the composition of "Өнер" department was added a specialty «дизайн».

         The composition of "Өнер" department consist of three specialities such as, 5V010600-"musical education", 5V012000-"vocational training", 5V042100-"дизайн". Graduates who successfully graduate the university get a degree of Bachelor.

          Ph.d., senior lecturer, Akhtanov s. k. was a head of "Өнер" department  from 2007 to 2011 years,Then Nurtaev Yusup Alenovich became the head of "Өнер" department for the years of 2007-2011, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent, Utesheva Aliya Zhalelevna has been being the head of "Өнер" department since 2014 year.

         The Chair of "Өнер" has 33 PPC: 8 candidates of Sciences, 2 associate professors, 8 figures of culture of the RK, including one figure of culture of the RK, Professor. 2 member of the Union of artists of the RK, 4 master art.teachers, 1 master teacher. 8 st.  teachers, 2 teachers. All rooms of "Oner" equipped with modern teaching and technical equipment, musical instruments, laboratories and workshops.

         The team of "Өнер" has been working tirelessly in preparing highly qualified specialists in the sphere of education and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as future designers, professionals.





Scientific-research work of the Department

         Research works are done according to the strategic development programmes and annual work plan.

         Members of the Department make a research, methodological work in the field of vocational education, design, music education, as well as supervise scientific works of students.

         Teachers of the Department "Өнер" visited famous foreign universities, took part in courses for increasing their qualifications

         In regards to Labaratories and Methods completion some research work in 2014, Ph.d., Docent Utesheva A.Zh.,Senior Lecturer, master, Professor Zhunisova N, teacher Ospanova A.D have completed "Culture model of proffesional and its ways of achieving in the proccess of learning" courses by Ph.d. Zhokhov Arcadia Lvovicha, he is professor of the Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University.

In may 2015 year Ph.d., Associate Professor J. J. Bejsenbekov,Senior Lecturer  Zhunisova N,Lecturer OspanovaA.D, Zhetpibaeva G.S. became participants of the master-class I-International Symposium, international plein-air, with the participation of CIS countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, held in South-Kazakhstan region, organized by Senior lecturer of the deparment Mr. M.A. Bekenov


In July 2015,Senior lecturer Turdaliev A.M. was awarded a medal "Madeniet maitalmany" International Kazakh Creative Union "Peace Planet".
In October 2015 year Ph.D., docent Utesheva A.Zh.,Senior Lecturer, Zhunisova N, senior lecturer Ospanova A.N., senior lecturer A. Turdaliev, Abdulaeva G.S have completed the course for increasing qualification in Autonomous nonprofit organizations providing supplementary education "Siberian Institute of continuing further education" (c. Omsk, Russia). Teachers of the Department participated in the seminar to raise the level of innovation management in the regions (SKR), participated in the seminar "cultural Model and professional way achievements in the process of learning in the educational center "KAZTIL-DAMU (Shymkent).

The Department implements the educational processes, scientific research and creative projects, being in close association with Omsk State Pedagogical University (Russia), Omsk Higher School of folk arts (Institute) (Russia, Omsk), International Kazakh-Turkish University. Kh. A. Yasavi and University "Syrdarya" (Zhetysay town).

         Achievments of the Students

         1. Zhusipov Ulykpan-student of specialty "Музыкальное образование" in 2014, for showing good master skills was awarded a diploma of III degree "Арай 2014".

         2. Winner of 1 degree of regional competition "Дельфииские игры молодежы нации" in the nomination "Эстрадный певец".

         3. Winner (1st place) of the regional competition of singers "Шырқалсын Шардараның әндері", city Shardara.

4. Mamaikhan A,student of speciality "Музыкальное образование" in 2015 (II-nd place) winner of the contest of young performers Ұлы дала елі әндері» (ЮКГПИ).
5. Karatay M,student of specialty "Дизайн" in 2015 year was awarded "Благодарственнным письмомr" II Елін сүйген, елі сүйген Елбасы» (ЮКГПИ).

6. Perne Kamila student  specialty  "Дизайн" in 2015 year was awarded  a certificate of the XVIII International Festival of creative youth "Шабыт" in the category "Изобразительное искусство".

         7. Students of the speciality "Дизайн" Perne Kamila and Kamila Ahenbek participants of the exhibition "Өнерлі жастар", sponsored by МКТУ Yassaui Turkistan noted by «Благодарственнным письмом».

         8. Kamila Perne a student of specialty "Дизайн" in 2015, taking part in the regional contest "ХІ Дельфииские игры молодеж","Бейнелеу өнері" Perne Kamila took the second place.