Department Kazakh and foreign languages


Manager by a department is a candidate

 pedagogical sciences

                      Ibraeva lazzat bostanovna

Address: МGTU, pedagogical faculty, cabinet 412

e - mail: kazinyaz@mail.ru


History of department

Department "Kazakh and foreign languages" functions in composition at university from 1998. A department prepares skilled bachelors on next specialities:  5В011700- Kazakh and literature; 5В011900- foreign language: two foreign languages.

Students get education on the credit departmental teaching. For perfection of knowledge of students the doctor of philological sciences, professor, candidates of philological and pedagogical sciences, associate professors, master's degrees and senior teachers teach on a department. The computer classes and language laboratory equipped by the options of the last models are used in an educational process.

The faculty advisors of department for preparation of skilled specialists are repeatedly encouraged by thanks you letter by guidance of institution of higher learning, and also directors of schools and colleges of city and area.

List of educationally-professional specialization within the framework of speciality of 5В011700- Kazakh and literature:

Academic degree: bachelor of education on speciality 5В011700 is Kazakh and literature.

Sphere of professional activity: education, education, organizational, literary-cultural, mass-elucidative works.

Objects of professional activity: organization of the preschool educating and education, initial, basic and adapting schools, specialized schools, technical and professional organizations, educational organizations after the middle educating.

  Types of professional activity:

- Educational (pedagogical) : teacher of Kazakh and literature in high general schools, gymnasia, lyceums, technical and professional organizations, educational organizations after the middle educating;

  - Research: junior scientist in research establishments;

- Literary-creative: employee of literary, cultural establishments, publishing houses;

- Organizationally-administrative: leader of high school, gymnasium, lyceum, college, in establishments on the speciality;

- Productively-administrative: office work in public organs, on different productive, industrial objects;

- Editorial.

Table of contents of professional activity: trade education on speciality 5В011700 "Kazakh and literature»: providing of quality and all-round education; organization and management by a pedagogical process, active capture by the student methods of cognitive process, direction of educational process on personality of student, conditioning for development and of self-realization of student, application of pedagogical technologies, correct organization of pedagogical activity, planning of professional activity in accordance with modern requirements and objective laws.

List of educationally-professional specialization within the framework of speciality   5В011900- foreign language: two foreign languages:

Academic degree: bachelor of education on speciality the 5В011900- foreign language: two foreign languages.

Sphere of professional activity: education.

Objects of professional activity: organizations of the preschool educating and education; initial, basic and profile school; specialized school; organizations technical and professional, after secondary education.

Types of professional activity:


-experimental research;

-organizational and management;



-educational and technological.


The content of professional activity:

The content of professional activity of bachelor of education in the specialty 5B011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages: quality organization and management of pedagogical process, focus on actively studying the development of methods of cognitive activity, the personal importance of education, the orientation of the whole educational process on the individual learner, providing the possibility for self-revelation and self-realization, the use of different teaching technologies, the creation of favorable conditions for self-education and professional orientation of students, psychologically and methodologically correct construction of educational activities, aimed at developing trainees ' traits of subject of intercultural communication, able to reflect the picture of the world by means of the target language, the planning of their own professional actions in the light of the objective laws and current requirements to foreign language education.