Economies and the Faculty of Law

Dean of the Faculty
Kokenova Aiganym Turdıqızı
Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant professor
Main building, 2 floor, Room 211, Faculty of Economics and Law
phone: 8(7252) 37-12-87 (108)



The dean of faculty – Kokenova Ayganym Turdyevna., Cand.Econ.Sci., associate professor

The faculty of economy and law carries out the activity as a part of the International humanitarian and technical university. In turn the International humanitarian and technical university since April 4, 1998 functioned as the Southern Kazakhstan university, and since July 8 as the International Open university, from August 22, 2003 to day the MGTU continuously and successfully carries out the activity.

The faculty of economy and law prepares bachelors and undergraduates on the following specialties:

1. 5В030100 – “Jurisprudence” (bakalavriatur)
2. 5B050600 – “Economy” (bakalavriatura)
3. 5B050800 – “The account and audit” (bakalavriatura)
4. 5B050900 – “Finance” (bakalavriatur)

5. 6M050600 – “Economy” (magistracy)

Training is carried out on the basis of the following chairs:
the issued chairs
• Jurisprudence
• Economy
• Finance and account
and general education chairs
• Informatics and mathematics
• Chemistry, biology and ecology,
• Foreign languages

Staff of faculty actively carries out educational and methodical, research and financial and economic works.
The laboratory base, classroom fund, application progressive technologies of education and methodical security allows to give classes according to standards of the higher education.

Research subject of faculty: “Development of the main directions of economical and legal aspects of the forced industrial and innovative development of South Kazakhstan”
Scientific directions:
1. Analysis of a tendency of social and economic development of South Kazakhstan and way of improvement.
2. Improvement of the mechanism of ensuring industrial and innovative development of South Kazakhstan.
3. Improvement of legislative and legal aspects of industrial and innovative development of South Kazakhstan.

In the course of training of a bakavriata and undergraduates of faculty receive profound knowledge in the field of economy, the account and audit, finance and law, master skills of work with modern computer facilities (including, with programs 1C-accounts department, the analysis credito-and solvency of the client, etc.), also actively participates in the international scientific conferences, in scientific projects of chairs of faculty. Most of graduates receive good language preparation, it gives them the chance to work in foreign missions and firms.

Graduates of faculty work practically in all banks of Kazakhstan, in the centers of service of the population, customs, judicial authorities, prosecutor’s office and departments of internal affairs, in the branch enterprises of national economy, besides they reach high achievement in the careers. For example: graduates of faculty: Sultangaliyev T.K. – the employee of Committee of state revenues of MF RK, Tleuberdiyev T. – the director of Amanat Stroysnab LLP, Zhusupov A. – the accountant “Shymkent education Department”, etc.