Халықаралық гуманитарлық техникалық университеті 2018 жылдың 16-18 сәуір аралығында институционалдық аккредитациядан өтуде, Білім сапасын қамтамасыздандыру тәуелсіз Қазақстандық агенттігінің эксперттік топ мүшелері тексеру жұмыстарын жүргізуде.

       On March 13, 2013, Jurisprudence was awarded Yu-117127, ЮР-116,126,136, ЮР-115,125. Round table and curatorial hour on the topic "Fighting corruption is the responsibility of every citizen" was organized by a group of supporters of the "Twenty Years of Action of Anti-Corruption Legislation" and the Department education.

  March 3, 2018 students of the specialty "Jurisprudence" took an active part in the discussion of questions and answers because of the passage of the "Legal Tournament" in the South Kazakhstan Regional Court.

A special prize was awarded to JR-114 Tolen Ulzhan and a student of the group YuR-117 Abilhasim Bekmuhammed.

       Senior lecturer, associate professor of the department "Jurisprudence"

Alimkulova A.S. - received special congratulations and a letter of thanks from the President of the International Humanitarian and Technical University Ғ.М. Zhryrynov

28.02.2018, at 12:00, in the hall 404 a meeting of the Faculty of Law devoted to the problems of youth "Ways of preventing human trafficking" was held with representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Department of Jurisprudence.
     Guests of the event: Shymkent city, Al-Farabi district, local police services - Major Talgat Mekenbaev, police, First Lieutenant Mustafayev Mukhtar Abdymazhitovich, Faculty of Jurisprudence, 1st year Yu-117, 127th group.

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On October 14, 2017 the 1st   International Forum was held at the University of Sirdariya. The rector of the university, doctor of technical sciences, professor Korganbaev Baurzhan Nogaybaevich took part in the forum "Future education". In the first section of the forum, the guests and participants noted the importance of the event. The purpose of this forum is to form a single month of international education and to achieve quality education.

In 2018 a book was published by the professor of the International Humanitarian and Technical University Begmana Yskak, "Kyzym sagan aitam, ...". In order to educate the youth in preserving customs and traditions, embodying the sacred values ​​and heritage of ancestors associated with the article by Nazarbayev "Looking into the future: spiritual revival", this book presents the transferring national heritage, the education of girls in the family - the future mothers, "cradling the cradle with one hand, and the whole world", about the choice of a friend and spouse.