On October 14, 2017 the 1st   International Forum was held at the University of Sirdariya. The rector of the university, doctor of technical sciences, professor Korganbaev Baurzhan Nogaybaevich took part in the forum "Future education". In the first section of the forum, the guests and participants noted the importance of the event. The purpose of this forum is to form a single month of international education and to achieve quality education.

In 2018 a book was published by the professor of the International Humanitarian and Technical University Begmana Yskak, "Kyzym sagan aitam, ...". In order to educate the youth in preserving customs and traditions, embodying the sacred values ​​and heritage of ancestors associated with the article by Nazarbayev "Looking into the future: spiritual revival", this book presents the transferring national heritage, the education of girls in the family - the future mothers, "cradling the cradle with one hand, and the whole world", about the choice of a friend and spouse.

Professor of the University Yskak Begman took part in the presentation of memorable signs in the development of the state language "Til Zhanashyry", which was held on November 27-30 in Astana, jointly with the state institution "Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Leader of the Nation" and the public organization "Til janashyry. " At this solemn ceremony Professor Yskak Begman was awarded with a letter of thanks from the Leader of the Nation N.Nazarbayev and a memorable sign "Til janashyry".

December 21-22, 2017 an international scientific and practical conference "Kazakhstan - on the path of spiritual revival: development and prospects" was held. The conference had 20 articles.
    Opening of the section "Actual problems of law in the field of law" was made by the chapter of the section Candidate of Juridical Sciences U.K. Sartbaeva sent a welcoming speech to this section and approved the rules for 10 minutes.
    Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, in accordance with the opening ceremony

 In October 2017, at the Scientific and Methodological Center "ZIAT" at the VII Republican Student and Student Research Competition, the student received outstanding results and became the winner
1. Sartbaeva Uldanay Karakhanovna
2. Alimkulova Akimal Saduakasovna was awarded with a diploma.


U.K. Sartbaeva, A.S. Alimkulov since the receipt of the diploma for teachers.

In October 2017, the national level of the city of Astana "ZIAT" Scientific and Methodological Center of the national competition VII took place on the scientific work of schoolchildren and students in remote six student scientific papers was sent. In particular
1. Zbanova Sandugash Maratovna - 4 years, ЮР-114 group on the theme: "Human rights and freedoms is aimed at work in the legal history" of scientific development, supervisor: Candidate Sartbaeva Udanay Karakhanovna was approved.

     1  November  2017 year  Ministry of Internal Affairs Thematic Olympiad on the topic "Administrative Law - an independent sphere of implementation of the Constitution" in the training center  

B. Momyshuly team "Great Steppe Eagles", students of the 3 rd year of study in the specialty 5B030100 - Jurisprudence received a certificate.


On October 13, 2017 academic year, the pro-rector for scientific work, associate professor М.Е. Sabirova held a seminar "Principles and Technologies of Centralized Education, Studying and Evaluation of Students". The teaching staff took an active part in the work of the department "Jurisprudence". At the end of the seminar a certificate was issued. In particular, candidate of jurisprudence. U.K. Sartbaeva and Master, senior lecturer A.S. Alimkulova received a certificate.

According to the Memorandum between the University and the South Kazakhstan Regional Court on October 12-13, 2017, the 2nd and 3rd year students in the specialty 5B030100 - "Jurisprudence" took part in the open trial of the Al-Farabi district court and took part in practical training.